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Pod Ween Satan

Aug 7, 2023

A very very Special Guest coming at you HOT.  It's been an increasingly long hiatus so we wanted to give you lovely listeners a little gift appetizer for the forthcoming season for La Cucaracha.  It was a record long recording session that we should have broken up into two separate eps but we waned to give you all the raw uncut goodness in one gigantor 2hr episode.  Buckle Up.

Also we traditionally command you to give all of your money to Ween but this week take a little slice of that cheddar and hand it to our Special Guest.  He's performing under the name "Where is your dog now" and you can find him on Spotify, Bandcamp, and the below website.  Do us a solid and listen to his tunes and then buy some of them tunes.  Make it so.