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Pod Ween Satan

Nov 25, 2020

Shit man.  "The Stallion (pt. 2)" brings THE POD to a close.  Season 2 of Pod Ween Satan is over maaaannn.  Season 2 is frickin done dude.  

Everyone just chill out.  It's gonna be ok.  Season 3 starts next week, OKAY?!!!  Man.  Cool out dudes.  Pure Guava comin' at ya soon.  In the meantime enjoy a lovely episode of...

Nov 18, 2020

The album's almost over and then they just casually chuck this MASTERWORK in your lap.  Just like, "Hey...What's Up...Think Fast" and then "Pork Roll Egg and Cheese is just sitting in your lap.  Forever.  It's yours.  They gave it to you.  Man, those guys are cool.  So frickin cool.

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Nov 11, 2020

Such a sweet song with such a harsh title.  

Emphasis is on "Me"....and you point at yourself when you say "Me".  Yeah, that's how you do it.  Perfect.  Nice Job.

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Nov 4, 2020

Oh man oh man.  This here one's a real dinger.  Dave tells the Prince Story again....sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeittt.  

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