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Pod Ween Satan

Jun 10, 2020

Coffee is for closers only.

Yes indeedy folks pour yourselves a tall cup of've earned it.  

With this episode we complete Season 1 of Pod Ween Satan.  We dive into Puffy Cloud and then do some house cleaning.  Andrew (wisely) embarks on a magical journey of personal growth.  We wish him well and hope that he doesn't have to do too many demoralizing things to too many terrible people during his quest to find meaning in life.  A lot of stuff happens in this's a real banger.  

As I write this we've got Season 2 (The Pod) almost entirely in the can.  Fear not little Piggies!  The fun will continue next week with the debut of Season 2 of "Pod Ween Satan" (The Greatest Podcast on Earth About The Greatest Band On Earth).  

"We shall never surrender"

-Some Fat Guy 

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