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Pod Ween Satan

Jan 1, 2022

Disclaimer!  We accidentally referred to Aaron’s Kid Ashton in this episode using the incorrect pronouns/gender. Our sincerest apologies to Ashton. It didn’t come to our attention that Ashton goes by He/They until after the episode was recorded and posted.  We are extremely sorry for making this mistake and hope that we didn’t cause anyone any pain.

Dave is a Boing hater.  We riff on it constantly.  It's permanently interwoven into the Pod Ween Satan milieu.  I recently joked on the Patreon that Ween would play Boing in Dave's honor at the show he went to in Denver.  Then.....the boys straight up brought it out storage and played it in Philly on 12/11/21 (and then again on 12/12/21).  They most certainly didn't play it in Dave's honor (rather it was dedicated to Aaron's kid Ashton) but they played it and so we've decided to revisit this deep deep cut and see if Dave is ready to Ret-Con his way out of the Boing controversy.  

Happy New Year peoples!  This is our gift to you.  May 2022 not suck as hard as '20 & '21!

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