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Pod Ween Satan

Mar 21, 2020

Here's a bonus ep for everyone locked up indoors frantically washing our hands, nervously ordering eggs, milk and toilet paper to be delivered.  It's gonna be alright baby.

The Boognish and the Ween Brothers shall protect us all and usher in a new era of Utopia.  Let it be heard here first!

This is an interview with my best friend and fellow Ween Fanatic Dave Massey.  We go way's all in this interview...the whole relationship boiled long last...for the history books.

Parting note:  Is this not the PERFECT time for Ween to start recording a new album??  What's the excuse?  If we all project this thought unto the astral plane IT JUST MIGHT COME TRUE FOLKS.  Do it.  Hit record.  Count it out boys.  Save Our World.

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