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Pod Ween Satan

Aug 31, 2022

150 episodes!  Another milestone.  

Rolling in on the Penultimate Slot...epic landscapes abound...we bring to you...THE ARGUS.

Aug 24, 2022

This one slips past the radar on your average listen DESPITE the insane fact that Alcan Road is the longest track on Quebec.  We feel like this song should be permanently attached to The Argus and played as a suite/medley.  Thinking of something like the full Weather Report Suite for you Deadheads out there.

Aug 17, 2022

This is one of my favorite intrumentals.  I just love it.  False endings galore. Grazie mi amore!

Aug 10, 2022

Another in a long line of quintessential Ween Breakup Songs.  This one features a rippin Gener solo with a dollop of brown at the tail end.  

Aug 3, 2022

One of Ween's greatest tunes hands down no need for debate end of story goodbye see you later alligator.