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Pod Ween Satan

Dec 18, 2021

Thanks to the generosity of Tronk (Reddit User & Fan) we have 3 rare one of a kind Ween Boognish Patches that we are going to raffle off on the Patreon Bonus Show.  These are patches that Deaner made for Tronk (who was at the time on the US Olympic Gymnastics Team) in an effort to have Ween sponsor his team and help their expenses.  These patches were intended to be worn on the team jackets but were banned by certain evil corporate overlords (who shall remain nameless!!).  

Anyway, these are pieces of history (ween history at least) and we want you to have a shot at one of them.  All you have to do is type your Patreon Screen Name into the comments section of this post (on the patreon app/site) and you will be entered into the raffle.  You may also enter your Patreon Name into the subsequent Raffle Post on the Pod Ween Satan subreddit.  

We are requiring this raffle-entry method to make sure that these patches only go to people who DEFINITELY want them and will protect them and cherish them for eternity.  

You have until 12/22/21 to enter!