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Pod Ween Satan

Jun 17, 2020

Season 2 has arrived without any delay whatsoever.  We are going track by track into Ween's second album "The Pod".  It's the same show but a little bit different...we've got a new co-host.  His name is "Sassy" Dave Massey.  We started recording Season 2 toward the beginning of the global pandemic so that', right!?

Oh yeah...speaking of the pandemic...we are BROKE!  No joke.  Haven't worked since Mid-March as the entire film industry is shut down.  This show will always be free but we have started a Patreon Bonus Show to help pay for the monthly costs involved with the podcast.  If you are interested then check out and you'll see what that's all about. Much Love and Big Ups.  Let's Start The Show!